A literary review of the glass castle a book by jeannette walls

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A literary review of the glass castle a book by jeannette walls

A Long Way Gone is a clear-eyed, undeniably compelling look at wartime violence. That he has written this unforgettable firsthand account of his odyssey is harder still to grasp. Those seeking to understand the human consequences of war, its brutal and brutalizing costs, would be wise to reflect on Ishmael Beah's story.

That makes A Long Way Gone all the more gripping. Beah's story, with its clear-eyed reporting and literate particularity—whether he's dancing to rap, eating a coconut or running toward the burning village where his family is trapped—demands to be read.

Read his memoir and you will be haunted. It's a truly riveting memoir. A ferocious and desolate account of how ordinary children were turned into professional killers. A Memoir This is a wrenching, beautiful, and mesmerizing tale.

Beah's amazing saga provides a haunting lesson about how gentle folks can be capable of great brutalities as well goodness and courage. It will leave you breathless. An American Life This is a beautifully written book about a shocking war and the children who were forced to fight it.

Ishmael Beah describes the unthinkable in calm, unforgettable language; his memoir is an important testament to the children elsewhere who continue to be conscripted into armies and militias. The arming of children is among the greatest evils of the modern world, and yet we know so little about it because the children themselves are swallowed up by the very wars they are forced to wage.

Ishmael Beah has not only emerged intact from this chaos, he has become one of its most eloquent chroniclers.

A literary review of the glass castle a book by jeannette walls

We ignore his message at our peril. It is a heart-rending achievement.(The Glass Castle is not my usual type of book — I read it for a neighborhood book club, and we had quite a lively discussion.) But while I found the story fascinating and the resiliency of the Walls children inspiring, I could not get past the horror of these parents.

After high school, I was in the “reluctant reader” stage, partially because I’d been so busy with extracurricular activities I had gotten out of the habit of reading, and I didn’t know where to start. Abbott has a reputation for writing nail-biters but this is the first of her work I read.

In her newest release, she builds her domestic suspense around an elite teen gymnast—an excellent backdrop for a creepy mystery because in this high-stakes world people will stop at almost nothing to get what they want.

THE GLASS CASTLE. A Memoir. AMAZON BARNES & NOBLE GET WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: Email Address Subscribe Tweet. KIRKUS REVIEW. An account of growing up nomadic, starry-eyed, and dirt poor MORE BY JEANNETTE WALLS. Fiction. THE SILVER STAR. by Jeannette Walls Fiction. HALF BROKE HORSES.

A literary review of the glass castle a book by jeannette walls

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