Competitive strategy for malaysia sme

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Competitive strategy for malaysia sme

Hire Writer A total of respondents or small and medium enterprises returned the completed questionnaires. Data analysis was conducted using mean scores and t-tests. Findings — The Seems have placed high emphasis on firm management, marketing and human resource management; and moderate emphasis on total innovation.

On the other hand, low emphasis can be seen in some innovation elements and all global orientation indicators. The Seems also should give greater priority to dynamic capabilities, especially innovation and global orientation, in order to survive in the marketplace.

Therefore, the findings serve a strong signal or Seems to step up their competitive strategies more towards improving dynamic capabilities in innovation and global orientation. As globalization flexes its muscle in the economy, rims compete not only with their domestic but also foreign rivals.

With a rapid adoption of the Internet, physical boundaries and distance become less important as firms all over the world are now able to cater for larger markets more efficiently Kim et al.

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All this development has coerced firms to step up the level of competitiveness against their competitors in the same industry. Only the firms that have the capability in all facets of competitive priorities Sings et al.

Confronting with more rapid changes in the arrest than ever before, firms have no choice, but to adapt to the environment in order to survive and prosper Grief, Small and Medium Enterprises Seems do not escape from the globalization phenomenon.

Traditionally, some Seems confined their activities to the region of their presence, but most of them remain in their national boundaries Rustier et al.

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A majority of the actors in less developed countries may give little emphasis on core competitive strategies in order to survive in such a globalizes world. In the past, some Seems could focus exclusively on the mommies market, but now they have to be globally competitive for their own long- term survival and growth Garrulously and Linden, Com In fact, if they are incapable of going abroad, foreign firms and products will come to their land.

This development is especially true since the firms and not the nations compete in the market Porter, It is very unlikely for Seems operating in high technology and manufacturing sectors act independently without considering the risks and opportunities presented by foreign competitors Rustier et al.

This leads to the point that competitive strategies should be a top priority for the sector to remain competitive in the hostile environment. Generic competitive strategies in terms of cost leadership, differentiation and market focus as envisaged by Porter, are necessary, but may not be adequate for Seems in such a globalizes world.

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In this connection, innovation and global orientation adopted by firms become crucial for firms to compete with its rivals in the open economy. This trend does not spare Malaysia: In Malaysia, innovation has become a centre stage to its industrial policy in the recent period Malaysia, Oh.

In the meantime, global orientation is a new trend not only among large enterprises, but also Seems see Rustier et al. Despite the case, how Malaysian small and medium enterprises respond to this policy orientation and global changes in business calls for investigation.

Until a study is conducted, no one knows whether or not Seems in Malaysia give emphasis on this global, dynamic aspect of competitive strategies. Thus, this paper explores competitive strategies emphasizes by Malaysian Seems and identifies whether they are in the right direction or not in coping with the globalizes world.

Literature review Increased competition in the global market makes the competitive strategy topic more dominant in entrepreneurship, business and management literature.

In fact, strategy and performance research on firms could be easily found in a large number of offline and online Journals. A competitive strategy outlines how a business unit or firm competes within the same industry Apparel, This strategy enables a firm to gain competitive advantages over its rivals Porter, Strategies for competitive advantage are explained in various perspectives.

However, the most notable theoretical explanations for competitive strategies are Industrial Organization Economics I.

Competitive strategy for malaysia sme

This model is, however, more suitable for a market condition with simple group structures, high concentrations, and rather homogeneous firms Seth and Thomas, ; and much less applicable to explain large variations of firm performance in a single industry Apparel, In order to close the literature gap in I.

While Miles and Snows strategy typology defines firms into four categories — prospectors, analyzers, defenders, and reactors — based on their strategic actions; Porter distinguishes competitive strategies into cost leadership, differentiation and market niche as the sources of competitive advantages.The Strategic Planning of SMEs in Malaysia: Types of Strategies in the aftermath of economic downturn the aim is to determine the types of strategies that SMEs used in their planning in the period after the economic downturn in The sample planning is a “blueprint” to help develop and maintenance of a superior competitive.

aspects, which most SMEs had taken for granted. SMEs are also urged to take a hard look Definitions of SMI in Malaysia 8 Definitions of Strategy 22 Strategic Management and Operation Management 24 Chapter 26 Generic Competitive Strategies Chapter 27 Directions for Development competitive strategy outlines how a business unit or firm competes within the same industry (Parnell, ).

This strategy enables a firm to gain competitive advantages over its rivals (Porter, ).

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Accounting and Business magazine is a rich source of CPD. If you read it to keep yourself up to date, it will contribute to your non-verifiable CPD. Competitive strategies among SMEs in Malaysia should be investigated given the significant presence of this sector in the economy.

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