High school and clock

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High school and clock

Plot[ edit ] Informer U. Convinced that it is the same jug, he buys it and journeys to the derelict airfield. Stovall remembers the events ofwhen the th Bomb Group had gained a reputation as the "hard luck group. His High school and clock attitude spreads to other senior leaders of the group, including his Air Exec, Lieutenant Colonel Ben Gately.

Ordered to fly another mission the next day, High school and clock a dangerously low altitude, Davenport protests to his friend, Brigadier General Frank Savage, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations.

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Later, Savage reluctantly shares with General Pritchard, the commanding general of VIII Bomber Commandhis belief that Davenport has become too emotionally close to his men and may no longer be fit to command.

That night, Pritchard and Savage visit the group headquarters to investigate the cause of the mission's heavy losses. Pritchard realizes that Savage is right: Davenport has become over-protective and is unwilling to discipline his men even for costly mistakes.

Davenport is relieved of command and Savage is asked to take over. Publicity shot of Gregory Peck in Twelve O'Clock High Savage takes a harsh approach to restoring the group's discipline and morale.

He begins by reprimanding Lt. Gately, demoting him to airplane commander and insisting that he henceforth fly every mission. Savage assigns Gately only the most incompetent crewmen, ordering him to paint the name "Leper Colony" on his airplane.

Savage conducts a series of training missions and waits for an opportunity to restore the group's pride in its abilities. Savage asks the Group AdjutantMajor Stovall, to delay processing their applications to buy him some time.

When the Squadron returns to combat, all the groups are ordered to abort their mission due to heavy weather. Savage, leading the group, ignores the recall order. The th successfully bombs the target and is the only group to do so.

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All of its crews return safely. Though Pritchard is furious, Savage claims that he did not hear the recall due to radio malfunction and instead persuades Pritchard to recommend the group for a Distinguished Unit Citation.

Savage also acquires a surrogate son in Lieutenant Jesse Bishop, a Medal of Honor recipient who is Savage's eyes and ears among the combat aircrews.

When the Inspector General arrives to investigate the pilots' transfer requests, Savage packs his belongings, expecting to be relieved of command and possibly court-martialed. But, led by Bishop, the pilots withdraw their requests.

Savage also softens his attitude towards the men as he becomes more closely involved with them.

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Gately goes on to win Savage's respect and admiration by demonstrating extraordinary leadership and courage in combat. With enemy resistance intensifying as the air war advances deeper into Germany, missions become longer and riskier and many of Savage's best men are shot down or killed.

Pritchard tries to get Savage to return to a staff job at VIII Bomber Command but Savage feels that the th is not yet ready to stand up without him. Reluctantly, Pritchard leaves him in command.

Ordered to return to the same target after a particularly brutal raid on a ball-bearing factory, Savage finds himself physically unable to haul himself up into his B The redeemed Ben Gately takes his place as lead pilot and strike commander for the mission.

Only as they return to Archbury does he regain his composure and fall asleep.

High school and clock

The story then returns toas Stovall pedals away on his bicycle. From left to right: Armstrongwho commanded the th Bomb Group on which the th was modeled. Towards the end of the film, the near-catatonic battle fatigue that General Savage suffered and the harrowing missions that led up to it were inspired by the experiences of Brigadier General Newton Longfellowalthough the symptoms of the breakdown were not based on any real-life event but were intended to portray the effects of intense stress experienced by many airmen.

The early scene in which Davenport confronts Savage about a mission order was a close recreation of an actual event, as was his relief. Army Air Service pilot who has returned to active duty as a non-flying adjutant, was modeled on William Howard Stovalla World War I flying ace who returned to active duty as a Major in the U.

Sergeant McIllhenny played by Robert Arthur was drawn from a member of the th Bomb Group, Sgt Donald Bevan[6] a qualified gunner who was assigned ground jobs including part-time driver for the commander of his squadron.

Bevan had received publicity as a " stowaway gunner" similar to McIllhenny in the filmeven though in reality he had been invited to fly missions. Like McIllhenny, he proved to be a "born gunner. Even then, Zanuck only went through with the deal in October when he was certain that the United States Air Force would support the production.

The film's th Bomber Group was modeled primarily on the th because that group remained a significant part of the Eighth Air Force throughout the war in Europe.

John Wayne was offered the leading role as well, but turned it down.Westlake High School Mission Statement: provide a comprehensive education in a safe and positive learning environment; prepare students to function academically, vocationally, culturally and socially as responsible citizens; encourage personal integrity, pride and the life-long pursuit of knowledge and well-being; prepare students to make a meaningful contribution to an ever-changing society.

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High school and clock
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