The holy land

The aim of the planned activities in the Holy Land is to file, preserve and take a census of the cultural heritage of the Custody of the Holy Land which has, for the past eight centuries, and in the name of all Christianity, taken an interest in salvaging and guarding the Christian Holy Places basilicas, archaeological sites in the Holy Land.

The holy land

The holy land

Judaism[ edit ] Jewish cemetery on the Mount of OlivesJerusalem. The holiness of Israel attracted Jews to be buried in its holy soil. The sage Rabbi Anan said "To be buried in Israel is like being buried under the altar. This "seventh year holiness" carries with it many religious laws.

The Tanakh explicitly refers to it as "holy land" in only one passage. In the Torah many mitzvot commanded to the Israelites can only be performed in the Land of Israel, [9] which serves to differentiate it from other lands.

For example, in the Land of Israel, "no land shall be sold permanently" Lev. Shmita is only observed with respect to the land of Israel, and the observance of many holy days is different, as an extra day is observed in the Jewish diaspora.

According to Eliezer Schweid: The uniqueness of the Land of Israel is This is the land which faces the entrance of the spiritual world, that sphere of existence that lies beyond the physical world known to us through our senses.

Jerusalem, as the site of the Templeis considered especially significant. The Hebrew Bible mentions the name " Jerusalem " times, often because many mitzvot can only be performed within its environs.

The name " Zion ", which usually refers to Jerusalem, but sometimes the Land of Israel, appears in the Hebrew Bible times. The Talmud mentions the religious duty of colonising Israel.

A story says that when R. Johanan HaSandlar left Israel to study from R. Judah ben Bathyrathey only managed to reach Sidon when "the thought of the sanctity of Israel overcame their resolution, and they shed tears, rent their garments, and turned back".

Due to the Jewish population being concentrated in Israel, emigration was generally prevented, which resulted in a limiting of the amount of space available for Jewish learning.

However, after suffering persecutions in Israel for centuries after the destruction of the Temple, Rabbis who had found it very difficult to retain their position moved to Babylon, which offered them better protection. Many Jews wanted Israel to be the place where they died. Anan said, "To be buried in Israel is like being buried under the altar".

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Story of the Holy Land

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The holy land

One click to start the virtual tour of Holy Land The Holy Land Pilgrimages to the Holy Land are an enduring tradition for a variety of religions as the place has great significance for them all. For Catholic pilgrimages, the Holy Land holds importance as the place where Jesus' birth, ministry, death and resurrection took place.

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