The tailor made french vth constitution by degaulles

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The tailor made french vth constitution by degaulles

In International Affairs During the Fourth Republic, the French political system experienced much instability and volatility. Governments were frequently brought down, resulting in paralysis and inefficiency in governance.

After successions of politicians were unable to solve the problem of Algeria, they looked to leadership of Gen. Inunder a constitution tailor-made for him, the Fifth Republic was established.

The National Assembly was weakened in its ability to paralyze and destabilize governance by rules and changes in procedure. The office of President was strengthened with oversight over the legislature and, popularly elected byresponsible to the people.

These structural features, among others, have served to stabilize the volatility of the previous Fourth Republic. As such, it was dominated by an overly powerful legislature and, like was the case with the Third Republic, this proved to be highly volatile. Twenty presidents and seventeen prime ministers were in office over a twelve-year period, demonstrating the excessive instability of government.

An excess of parties divided interests rather than aggregating them, and ambitious, undisciplined deputies easily managed to topple governments hoping to assume ministerial office. Although the National Assembly was supreme, it too could not provide effective leadership.

When drafting the constitution for the Fifth Republic, de Gaulle and his advisers tried to create a strong government which would not be plagued by the volatility of the past republics. Such a government, they hoped, would be able to make decisions without having to worry about excessive parliamentary interference or being brought down.

To do so, they created a system with a mixture of a powerful executive and weakened legislature. Though initially elected through an electoral college, since the President has been elected through a popular vote Safran The President is thus chosen by and is responsible to the people.

This direct responsibility to the masses, a manifestation of the French Jacobin tendency, is essential to the stability of a country with such a conflictual culture.

He may ask the legislature to reexamine all or a part of any bill he does not like. He is given the ability to interpret the constitution, and thus may submit to the Constitutional Council an act of parliament or treaty of doubtful constitutionality.

The President may also submit legislative proposals to the public in the form of referenda, circumventing the legislative process. Significantly, the President may dissolve the National Assembly and call for new elections. This extensive political authority has enabled the President of the Fifth Republic to serve in the manner de Gaulle envisioned: He has a wide range of appointive powers, being able to appoint without interruption the Prime Minister, military officers, political advisers, and some members of several judicial bodies.

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The ability to appoint the Prime Minister, who serves as the head of the National Assembly, has helped maintain government stability. When the President is from the same party of the majority of delegates, his choice of the Prime Minister is likely more agreeable to the Assembly.

As a result, the government is less likely to be brought down and its policies more readily accepted. The President also retains the power to appoint ambassadors and other high civilian personnel, to receive foreign dignitaries, sign bills and promulgate laws and decrees, issue pardons, preside over cabinet sessions and send messages to parliament — all powers traditionally associated with chiefs of state Safran The President is thus provided with not only political authority, but symbolic authority as well.

The National Assembly of the Fifth Republic is significantly less volatile than those of past republics, though its structure remains largely unchanged. This is a result of a number of changes in its function.

To prevent a large number of parties from participating in the Assembly, which served to divide interests in the Fourth Republic and contributed to its instability, the number of deputies needed to constitute a party was raised to twenty from fourteen.

This forces small contingents of deputies to align with larger ones, thereby aggregating interests.

The tailor made french vth constitution by degaulles

What the Assembly may not legislate for is done through decrees, ordinances, and regulations, all produced by the government Safran Limiting the powers of the Assembly limits its ability to influence and, in turn, paralyze the governance of the state.

The government may also ask the legislature to delegate to it the power to issue decrees in areas normally under parliamentary jurisdiction, thereby providing further ways for the government to prevent legislative paralysis. The government is able to decide how much time is allocated to debate on parts of a bill, what bills are to be discussed, and can prevent amendments to a bill.

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Members of the legislature may not filibuster Safran These rules also help prevent legislative gridlock, enabling effective and efficient governance. The ability for the Assembly to bring down the government has also been significantly curtailed. In the Fourth Republic, members of standing committees in the legislature often offered counterproposals to government bills designed to embarrass the government and bring it down.

The constitution of the Fifth Republic thus significantly curtails the amount of standing committees permitted, forces them to work within carefully limited periods of time, and forbids them from producing substitute bills Safran This has helped insulate the government from the embarrassment of substitute bills, which in the past had resulted in their collapse.

Motions of censure, which can also bring down the government, are also more difficult to pass in the Fifth Republic.

They require the signatures of at least one-tenth of all deputies in the Assembly, who may only cosponsor one such motion during each parliamentary session.It has been because of this fact that this constitution came be described as De-Gaulle’s contribution to the French system of government.

In the words of De Gaulle himself: “The new constitution provides for a government made to govern.”. Three months after a new French constitution was approved, Charles de Gaulle is elected the first president of the Fifth Republic by a sweeping majority of French voters.

The previous June, France. French And German Constitution Essay, Research Paper The executive in the French Vth Republic and the executive in the Federal republic in Germany have a few similarities and many differences.

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Since the French Vth constitution was tailor made by DeGaulles himself, the executive in this republic is very strong and authoritative.

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