The tradition of the old regular baptists

Old Regular Baptists carry on a tradition of singing that dates from the 16th century. Photo courtesy Elwood Cornett. This hymnody, with its elaborate, lined-out, unaccompanied singing, is not well known outside its region, cannot be heard on television or radio, and little of it has been available on recordings.

The tradition of the old regular baptists

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United States[ edit ] The term Regular Baptists developed in America from English immigrants who had been influenced by the Particular and General Baptists churches that were established in England. He found that the greatest number of Baptist churches at that time were Regular Baptist churches.

After several name changes, its name has been Old Regular since They practice foot-washing and observe closed communion. It was succeeded in by the Association of Regular Baptist Churches of Ontario, Canada, which continues to uphold closed communion teaching and practice. Churches and associations, especially in border states, were rent asunder by this national conflict.

Tensions over secession, war and reconstruction, as well as the fact that Primitive Baptists did not allow members to hold membership in secret societies, combined to incubate the Union Baptists.

The tradition of the old regular baptists

Many pro-Union Primitive Baptists joined Union Leagues and were expelled from their churches and associations. Unlike other areas, this distinction, at least in name, has persisted, and some churches and associations consider themselves "Union Baptists". There seems to be no doctrinal distinction between Union Baptists and Regular Baptists.

Three associations — Original Mountain Union, Primitive and Union — have about members in 36 churches. Mitchell River Union Baptist Association may still be in existence. Regular Baptists — found in 5 local associations; much like the Old Regular Baptists, and located in the same region, but more open to changes in worship and lifestyle.

Churches have allowed notated hymnals, Sunday Schools, revivals and even instrumental music.

Regular Baptists - Wikipedia A simple drive along some winding county road in the heart of eastern Kentucky, southern West Virginia, Southwest Virginia or East Tennessee will showcase some fascinating and unusual denominational church names.
Old Regular Baptists of Southeastern Kentucky: A Community of Sacred Song Conventionally trained singers can simply ignore the shapes, and read the score like any other, but it has certain advantages: It will also be observed that the "scale" given above is a series of tetrachords, which has advantages when singing the gapped, modal scales commonly found in Sacred Harp tunes.
Baptists - ReligionFacts History[ edit ] Many Regular Baptists merged with the Separate Baptists near the beginning of the 19th century.

Three associations, mostly in North Carolinaare in correspondence — Little River, Little Valley and Mountain Union members in 15 churches in Two others are in isolated areas and not connected to the first three — East Washington in Arkansas members in 10 churches in and Enterprise in OhioKentucky and bordering areas members in 63 churches in The CBOQ exists to equip churches and leaders to engage with their mission from God in their community.

For instance, the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary definition for the adjective "regular" is: Retrieved October 9, Most Old Regular Baptists and Eastern Kentucky Regular Primitive Baptist can be traced back to the New Salem Association of United Baptists organized in and her mother the Burning Springs which originated in eastern Kentucky in The Old Regular Baptists are among the last practitioners of this beautiful religious song tradition.

The Old Regular Baptists base their religious observances and their moral code in daily life on a literal interpretation of the Bible. The Primitive and Regular Baptists have continued the centuries old tradition of congregational hymn singing without the accompaniment of musical instruments - a practice which had previously been standard for most protestant faiths.

This pathfinder will provide a good starting point for researchers seeking information about that tradition. Jun 21,  · Primitive Baptist (and all other Old Order Baptists for that matter) funeral practices are "odd" here in Appalachia. It is more of a mountain thing than a Primitivistic Baptist thing.

The tradition of the old regular baptists

Typically there is a lot of singing and preaching, and little of the pomp and ceremony you see with others. Cornett states that Old Regular Baptist church building are “adorned in simplicity”.

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Describing their worship, he writes, “A custom that marks Old Regular Baptists is the once a month meetings. Some churches meet on the first weekend, some on the second, some on the third, and some on the fourth weekend of every month.

The tradition of the old regular baptists

The lined-out hymns of the Old Regular Baptists are published in songbooks, but the tunes are learned and transmitted orally, and as .

Old Regular Baptists of Southeastern Kentucky: A Community of Sacred Song